CSC 240: Computer Graphics

Extra Credit

Due: Sunday, Dec. 18, 11:59pm by Email

The goal of this extra credit option is to add to the public knowledge base of Blender though your own tutorial. Note updated deadline!

Make your own Blender tutorial

Here is an example from last year to give you an idea of the final product:

Hershey's Kiss by Zhaoyan Lin


  • Your tutorial should not replicate an existing tutorial. It should be on a topic that you can't find a good tutorial for, something you've experimented with and want to share.

  • Your tutorial must have video and audio (a voiceover with you describing your steps as you do them). Screen capture is built in on Mac through QuickTime, and here are some options for free programs to do this on Windows:

    Windows Screen Capture Options

  • You must upload your tutorial to YouTube or another mainstream video site such that it is publicly available and you can send me the link. The idea for this part is that you're contributing to the computer graphics knowledge base and making it easier for others to learn interesting features of Blender.

  • I'll give more credit for a very sophisticated and/or thorough tutorial. It doesn't have to be very difficult though, it could be something you struggled with initially that didn't have very good documentation. Or it could be an advanced topic previously only described in words, but you create the video tutorial.

  • I would encourage you to do this option only if you'll be happy/proud to have your video on the internet indefinitely.

  • Email me a link once you're finished!