CSC 334: Topics in Computational Biology

Homework 5: In-class paper presentation

The goal of this assignment is to help you get started on a potential final project topic, by reading a paper that interests you. This assignment is designed to help you practice distilling information and making it understandable to an audience. I will give you feedback on both your understanding of the material and your presentation style. The goal is to prepare and improve for the final presentation.

  1. Choose a paper from the list below, or another paper related to the course material. Email me your choice and schedule a meeting with me (in the next week or so). We'll discuss what might be good to focus on when preparing your presentation of that particular topic, and also how it might relate to a final project.
  2. Prepare and give your 10-15 minute presentation in class (we'll set up a schedule over the next 2-3 weeks). Things to think about: do you want to use slides and/or the board? How will you explain a difficult part of the paper in a way that makes sense to the class? Make sure to clearly explain the motivation, methods, results, and discussion sections of the paper.
  3. The last part is to participate in the presentations of your classmates and read the papers they present *before* class! Ask questions if you don't understand something they explain. Ask them how this paper relates to the class material. Questions can help the presenter feel more comfortable and adjust their pace.