CSC 334: Topics in Computational Biology

Final Project Presentation

In class on 12/7, 12/9, and 12/14

Below is a general format and some guidelines to keep in mind for your final project presentation. The goal of this assignment (and part of the goal of 300-level classes) is to help you master oral presentations and practice communicating ideas in front of an audience.

  1. Motivation:

    introduce your topic in a creative or visual way. Whenever you give a presentation, there will be those in the audience less interested in the topic than you are, who might question the "point" of your topic or thesis. Give them a reason to pay attention. Often this involves placing your topic in a larger context, using an image the audience can relate to, telling a personal story, or posing a question you'll answer later in the talk.

  2. Methods:

    Set up an terminology or notation you'll use right away. Try to go into detail on one or two points you find interesting or "teachable", but you don't need to go into detail on everything. Specific for this class: explain some aspect of the project that you did. What was the problem to overcome? What was your thought process? What was the end result? It could be converting the data into the right format, or a tricky aspect of a new program. Also try to tie some aspect of the methods to our class material. Slides can be a great way to "layer" or "animate" an algorithm.

  3. Results:

    It's okay if you don't have full results for your presentation, but try to give the audience an indication of what you expect, or what type of results you're looking for. You can also cast some of the aspects as future work.

  4. Other notes:

    Keep in mind the feedback from your mid-semester presentation and think about how you could improve. General advice: speak louder and slower than usual, speak to the audience and not to the board/slides, avoid lots of text on slides, pause half-way through for questions. In general, think about the final presentation as less about the results and more about teaching the class something new in an effective manner.