CSC 240: Computer Graphics

Lab 7: Bézier Curves

The goal of this lab is to practice implementing recursive Bézier curves in a recursive fashion.

  1. Download and make sure you have in the same folder.
  2. Implement bezier_line, which should return a Point on the line between p0 and p1.
  3. Implement bezier_quad, which should return a Point on the Bézier curve, using *only* calls to bezier_line.
  4. Submit your code on Moodle for 2pts extra credit, before the start of class on Wednesday, Oct. 14. (This will help us get caught up after no class on Mountain Day.)
For in class discussion: what do you notice about the line and curve? Where are the points most spread out vs. clustered? How could you "fix" this problem?